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Ontario Student Transcript
Ontario Student Transcript

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A record of all courses taken by a student in an Ontario high school up to a certain point in time. Unlike report cards, Ontario transcripts do not contain details of individual courses or teacher comments on students.
A report card shows only the grades of the courses taken in the current semester, whereas a report card shows the grades of the courses taken in the entire semester. Ontario high schools are credit-based, and the report card shows at a glance how many credits students have taken and which courses are required.

Students who have successfully taken a number of equivalent high school courses outside Of Ontario often have these courses converted to Ontario high school course credit and recorded on the Ontario Report card with the code “PLE”.

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Extramural courses, repeat courses, and graduation requirements.

Courses taken at schools other than the Home School that issued the transcript will be marked with an * on the transcript. When applying to university, some programs may require a corresponding explanation for taking an off-campus course. Buy USA degree, buy UK degree, buy Canadian degree, buy Australian degree, buy Malaysia degree, buy Singapore degree, buy Middle East degree and other countries. Buy a fake degree in Canada, a fake Master’s diploma in Canada. Get Bachelor’s degree online, and obtain a fake Canada Doctor degree. fake diploma maker free, fake diplomas online. Some popular majors, such as the University of Toronto’s engineering department, do not accept retaken course scores on college applications.

There are three requirements for obtaining the Ontario High school diploma: one is to meet the credit requirement, two is to complete 40 hours of community service hours, and three is to pass the Ontario English Language test. Whether a student meets these three criteria will be visible on the Ontario transcript. If the student has received an Ontario High School diploma, a note will also appear in the lower-left corner of the transcript.

Special remind

\The Ontario Department of Education encourages students to participate in a variety of online volunteer activities or outdoor safe community service activities. However, the transcript is not a document that the school will issue to students on its own initiative. It is for students to apply to relevant departments of the school when necessary.

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