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Purchase a Scannable New York State fake ID, Scannable New York State driver’s license

 New York State fake ID, New York State driver's license
New York State fake ID, New York State driver’s license

Buy a  Scannable New York State fake ID, Scannable New York State driver’s license. How long to get a fake New York State ID? Buy a fake IDs. Buy USA fake ID. New York State driver’s license test guide
If you have a green card, you need to bring a bank card to prove your SSN. If you don’t have a green card, you need to prove your SSN. After arriving at the DMV, check all the materials with you first and then test your eyesight. Just wear glasses and then wait in line. After calling your number, go to the DMV and show all the materials. If not, go back to the window to find the staff to say (mine was written wrong)

After the test, I will know the result directly, and then I need to return to the counter to pay the money. After that, I will give a temporary Permit as shown in Figure 1

After obtaining the Permit, you need to learn the theory course (this thing can be bought directly at the New York Chinese Driving School for 50 dollars, which is a proof commonly known as the movie ticket). After that, you can book an online road test in New York DMV. You need to fill in the Permit ID number and the movie ticket number, and then choose the nearest test venue according to your ZIP

Where to buy a fake New York State fake ID?

It is highly recommended to choose a less crowded place and time

On the day of the road test, bring a Permit and a movie ticket and find someone over 21 with a driver’s license! The examiner will see all your materials and the driver’s license of the person who accompanies you (must be over 21 and must have an American driver’s license). In addition, the examiner also needs to see the registration of the car, so the car had better be owned by yourself or the person who goes with you, otherwise it may affect the exam.

The examiner will to turn in the test, observe traffic lights, traffic signals and signs (? and signs are normal open depends how you response and action) and turn around and parallel parking parking (side bearing) turn must let the lane to the car, parking can’t pressure to the road side bearing teeth, pay attention to the pole, the home before the door of the garage parking can’t stop. If there is no car at the intersection, only you have one. If there is no stop sign in the lateral lane, please stop and wait for three seconds. Please make sure that the cars in the lateral lane are empty before you go.

If you pass the road test, you will be given the paper shown in Figure 2. If you pass it, it is P and if you fail it, it is F. If you add Permit to the paper, it is the driver’s license


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