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What to Do if You Lost Your University Diploma?

Graduation certificates and degree certificates cannot be reissued. However, there are still many “big-head shrimp” graduates who have lost their dual certificates for various reasons. What should they do?

It is reported that if the graduation certificate, graduation certificate, graduation certificate, graduation certificate, and degree certificate are lost or damaged, the school will issue the corresponding certificate after verification according to the student’s application. This certificate has the same effect as the original certificate. ” Buy a fake diploma onoine. 

A staff member of the Academic Affairs Office told reporters that if a student’s graduation certificate or degree certificate is lost, the relevant materials can be submitted to the school for review. Still the corresponding graduation certificate or academic certificate will be issued. “Including my valid ID card and a copy, a letter of introduction from the personnel department of my unit (unemployed persons need to provide relevant certificates or a letter of introduction from the attached department), personal application form, and recent work certificate. The school archives copy the college entrance examination admission roster, student registration file, and graduation certificate signature form, and submit it to the school for review, and then the academic certificate and graduation certificate can be obtained.

Each student’s degree certificate and graduation certificate have a unique number. Still, there is a clear correspondence between the two certificates and the number. The student’s academic qualifications, and graduation information. But dual certificate numbers are uploaded to the National Education Identification Center. Still If a lost diploma can be reissued, it means that the same number corresponds to two or more diplomas. ”

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Buy a fake diploma from HTW Berlin. In addition, there are technical and procedural limitations to re-issuing diplomas. The teacher added: “After students’ graduation certificates were lost, some schools were merged into other universities, and the names of some schools also changed. This change increased the difficulty of reissuing graduation certificates. At the same time, due to the limited duration of the school system.” Most of the principal’s signature and seal required on the original certificate cannot be copied in the principal’s offices of major schools, and the procedures are difficult to implement. ”

“First of all, the graduation certificate database was not established initially, so certificates that cannot be verified online need to be issued at one time to eliminate the problem of repeated numbers. Second, the format of the graduation certificate is inconsistent. On the premise that “the uniform format cannot be guaranteed, the same batch certificate. Students holding different types of certificates have various pitfalls and disadvantages. ”

Signatures on replacement diplomas may vary.
If you graduated a few years ago, your replacement degree will show the year you graduated, but may have the signature of the school’s current faculty member.
If your diploma is lost, we can make it. Depending on when you graduated, the signature on the replacement diploma can be the same. We can reproduce diplomas 100%.

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