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Where to buy a fake New Zealand Passport?

New Zealand Passport
New Zealand Passport


How long to get a fake New Zealand Passport? Copy New Zealand Passport online, Buy fake diploma in New Zealand, How to buy fake degree in New Zealand ? New Zealand, also known as New Zealand, is a country in the South Pacific and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, the territory is divided by the Cook Strait between the North Island and the South Island. The South Island is adjacent to Antarctica, and the North Island faces Fiji and Tonga. The capital is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland.

As a highly developed capitalist country, New Zealand is listed by the World Bank as one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. Its economy has successfully transformed from agriculture-based to an internationally competitive industrialized free market economy. Velvet antler, mutton, dairy products and coarse wool are the world’s largest exports.
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Welfare In New Zealand

1. Free public health care, which is provided by the family doctor at an out-patient fee for common medical conditions, but for children under the age of six, whether public or private, is the responsibility of the State and all costs (including medicines) are free. Medical treatment in all public hospitals is free of charge, and surgical equipment in hospitals is provided free of charge by the State. Part of the cost of treatment in private hospitals (including private women’s hospitals) or by private doctors is reimbursed on a uniform basis and the remainder is borne by the patient himself. All medicines listed by registered pharmacists according to doctors’ prescriptions are provided to patients free of charge with compensation from the State.

2. Childbirth is free and all costs from conception to delivery are covered by the State. The government encourages childbirth and, in addition to a one-time reward ($1,500), subsidizes the cost of rearing each child up to the age of 18. Children over the age of 18 can live independently and enjoy youth allowance.

3. Primary and secondary education is free. National universities only need to pay symbolic low tuition fees. (Study every 10 weeks, 2 weeks off)

4. Stay for two years and enjoy all the benefits available to New Zealand citizens such as unemployment benefit.

5. Resident 10 people over 65 years old can enjoy the government pension.

6. Become New Zealand citizens to 125 after the European and American developed countries in the visa waiver program, automatically get the rights to settle in Australia, work, enjoy besides unemployment benefits should enjoy the welfare of all Australian citizens, can go to work in Britain, after retirement, can be to live in Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries (pensions paid by the government of New Zealand).

Advantages of New Zealand immigrants

1. Good economic situation, investment risks, low application threshold, low requirements for education.

2. Fast processing speed, simple operation and easy to use.

3. Good family welfare. Once the main applicant has successfully applied, the whole family can emigrate.

4. The range of passport visa-free is wide. New Zealand passport can be visa-free in more than 160 countries, and enjoy all the benefits of Australia.

5. Perfect education and medical system, immigrant families can also enjoy full benefits.

6. Lower tax rates. There is no capital gains tax, deed tax or stamp duty on property sales in New Zealand.

7. Geographically, Australia and New Zealand are the “Australian-New Zealand Commonwealth”, which means that as long as a New Zealand citizen, he or she can freely enter Australia and move to Australia to work and live there anytime and anywhere.

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