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HTW Berlin Urkunde
HTW Berlin Urkunde

How to get a fake HTW Berlin Urkunde? Buy a realistic HTW Berlin degree certificate. Order an HTW Berlin Urkunde with the transcript. Where can I purchase an HTW Berlin diploma? Buy a fake diploma. fake diploma maker.  Fake degree certificate, fake degree certificate maker. buy fake degree certificates online. How can I get a fake degree certificate? best fake degree certificates. Located in Berlin, Germany, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Economics), or HTW Berlin is the largest public university of applied sciences in Berlin and East Germany. It has more than 13,000 students and 75 majors in engineering, computer science, business, culture, and design. With an international student ratio of 26.4%, HTW Berlin has one of the highest percentages of international students in Germany.

HTW Berlin transcript
HTW Berlin transcript


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Its history can be traced back to 1823. The earliest prototype of the school was the School of Horticultural Architecture for Professors and Students; in 1878, it was transformed into the Berlin Urban Construction Institute; in 1880, some construction majors were canceled due to industrial mergers, and some handicraft skills training majors were added. The name was changed to Berlin Handicraft Training Academy, which was also the first technical school in history to specially train craftsmen; in 1882, the professional setting was changed according to the needs, and it was changed to Berlin House Painting and Decoration Training Academy; in 1892, it was changed back to urban construction again, and It was upgraded to the Municipal Ait Marx Engineering College; later, it passed through the Porter Engineer Training College in 1909, the New Cologne Urban Construction College in 1913, the Charlottenburg Vocational College in 1919 and the Gauss Engineering College in 1922, and the Urban Construction Comprehensive in 1945. Engineering College; finally in 1971, the repeated changes of the school were curbed and coordinated by the Berlin Municipality. TH Berlin has since become the new name of the school.

Until today, the scale of the school has formed a relatively large scale. In addition to retaining the mainstream professional engineering, architecture, urban construction and environmental technology, and handicraft construction objects in the history of the school, it also has mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, and Popular natural science professional courses such as electronic precision engineering and computer information science have also made the school truly an engineering professional university with 8 major departments and more than 70 majors. In January 2008, with the approval of academic institutions, the new school name has been changed to April 2009, that is, Berlin University of Engineering Applied Sciences.

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